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Lifespan Extension Advocacy Foundation,

Non-profit organization dedicated to promoting increased healthy human lifespan through fiscally sponsoring longevity research projects, and raising awareness regarding the societal benefits of life extension.


Novos leverages science and data to create the best nutraceuticals to extend human lifespan.


Our goal, as a non-profit, is to develop therapies that can be offered at the lowest cost possible. Stem cell transplants and gene therapy upgrades (such as improved health and lifespan) should not cost you the equivalent of buying a car, it should be as affordable as a new cell phone or laptop. We hope to pioneer storefront clinics that can provide these upgrades so that anyone over the age of 65 can afford them, and can participate in the wave of Exponential Technology in the bio-medical field that will propel us into an unlimited future of lasting health and youth.


Research Your Biology. Optimize Your Health. Accelerate Cures

Oliver Zolman MD,

We're aiming to be the first clinic to prove patients have reached longevity escape velocity, by reversing aging and age related diseases in all 78 organs, using our Longevity Level 1, 2, 3 protocol. By 2030 we aim to have strong evidence we have rejuvenated all 78 organs in healthy 80 year olds to age 60.


Everyday, 100,000 people die from aging-related diseases. We think that is an unacceptable tragedy. Our mission is to help people live longer by accelerating the progress and adoption of therapies that prevent age-related diseases, and which reverse age-related damage. We do this by providing direct access to safe, scientifically-proven prescription therapies shown to work (NAD+, Metformin etc.).

SENS Research Foundation,

SENS Research Foundation works to develop, promote, and ensure widespread access to therapies that cure and prevent the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time. We are redefining the way the world researches and treats age-related ill health, while inspiring the next generation of biomedical scientists.