June 2021


Our mission is to show you the value of a longer and healthier lifespan, and to help you get there.

Let's start with some quick math:

Your chronological age is 35 years, obviously you were born in ~1986.



Statistically, the average human life expectancy is currently ~79 years years. So if you lived the current average life expectancy, then you would die around 2065.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to keep you young...yet.
However, scientists from around the world are constantly working to solve the human aging problem and they are making considerable progress.



But the most accurate human life expectancy prediction is not actually determined by chronological age (which we cannot influence) but, rather, by biological age. And we have good news: human biological age can be reversed!

According to your lifestyle, genes and environment, your biological age may already be many years different from your chronological age..

If you've had your biological age tested using a DNA methylation clock, then please select it below:

35 years




Longevity Plan maintains a database of the most advanced medical interventions, therapies and biohacking techniques currently available to slow, stop or even reverse human biological aging which is based on peer-reviewed studies and deep analysis.

Once you sign up, we will recommend relevant action items considering your age, health and budget.

Using those items, your biological age will slowly start to lag behind the chronological age, extending your lifetime expectancy.
The further you go, the bigger gap will be accumulated, especially considering the future scientific progress.

The point in which life expectancy is extended longer than the time that is passing is called Longevity Escape Velocity (read more on wikipedia).



We have even better news!

There is no theoretical limit to Longevity Escape Velocity.

So please join us now to help improve your own health and life expectancy while also helping humanity achieve Longevity Escape Velocity as soon as possible!